The Good In Negative

For a typical probinsyana, living a fast-paced life in a different city with apparent overpopulation has been and will always be a struggle, or so I thought. Over the years of living in the Metro, I have gotten used to the constant hassle in my daily life. It’s pretty contradictory, but everyday wasn’t a test of... Continue Reading →


I booked a flight to Batanes for my 26th birthday hoping (and praying) for a sunny weather however, right after the plane landed in Basco, it literally rained on our parade. We waited for the weather to improve even just a bit so we can start touring the island around but it just worsen towards the... Continue Reading →

“We Can Never Can Tell”

Our supposed intimate birthday getaway in Pinatubo with few friends turned into an anniversary instameet of an Instagram community so dear to me that I gave in. The Universe did not stop its surprises there, we were expecting a hot and dusty trek but  we were welcomed with a gloomy weather and rain started pouring... Continue Reading →

Cognitive Dissonance

We are down to the last quarter of the year and I've been missing a lot of things lately, my old self included and mind you, I haven't missed anyone this much before. I miss those times when all I had to worry was whether I will go to my class or not, whether I... Continue Reading →

Up and Up and Up

  Spending Valentine’s Day with them has become an annual thing since 2013 cuz we are pretty much a bunch of humans who are either perpetually single or in a long distance relationship. The majority belongs to the former, by the way. For this year, the batch decided to spend Valentine’s Day somewhere cold and... Continue Reading →

We All Want That Kind of Love

Everybody wants the movie and tv-sit com kind of love. The kind where emotional investment is guaranteed of a return even higher than the investment itself. The kind that doesn’t require any gamble. We willingly wait for the sure-thing kind of love. The love that transcends chemistry and biology. The kind where two people choose... Continue Reading →

Plot Twist

Over the years of seeing people fall in and out of love, I unconsciously managed to turn my humanity off and eventually became an apathetic creature with just air coming in and out of my lungs. Sad, but we are currently living in a generation of proverbial hookups and no-strings-attached culture that even something as innocent as “liking”... Continue Reading →

Finding Love in the Mountain

Continuing my Cordillera adventure from Pulag, I decided to ditch my Coron trip to spend my 25th birthday in the cool, both literally and figuratively, village of Buscalan in Tinglayan, Kalinga. I have always been fascinated with the Butbut Tribe's rich culture and heritage. The experience was.. more than surreal.. this maybe the first time... Continue Reading →

Memoirs of My Childhood…

I spent most of my life in Iloilo but only 25 years after did I visit the not so hidden paradise in the northern tip of the province. Yes, and my hometown is just 20 minutes away from the jump off port in Estancia. How dare me? I know! Back when I was a kid,... Continue Reading →

#SinoNagenjoy #SiTonette

[after over a year of accumulating cyberdust, i'm back in the blogosphere!!! Let’s pretend I am writing this right after the #SinoPinas365 event held 2,922 meters above sea level and not two months after] Around this time last year, an advocacy so close to my heart was conceived by 4 intelligent life-forms, popularly known by... Continue Reading →

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