AJA – signing off

posting the letter I sent to my officemates on my last day in SGV

Well, I did not expect I am going to write a farewell message this early 🙂 but then, certain circumstances lead me to one of the toughest (if not the toughest) decisions I have made in my mortal life. It took a whole lot of faith – in life and in my self – to pack, what used to be my life for the past 1.5 years, up.

Looking back, there were really hard and depressing times but things always got better eventually. There were times when I was very close to giving up, something great happened that made me feel stupid for even thinking of running away. There may have been days and even weeks of desolation but there were greater reasons to be grateful.

My managers, thank you for teaching me things which I did not know they even existed. Thank you for being supportive and above all, thank you for the extra patience and effort you gave me since day one.

To my understanding SA’s and ESA’s, Thank you for putting up with my attitude and immaturity, I am well aware that I have not been an ideal staff, yet, you never made me feel like I am one. Your generosity in sharing your knowledge is very overwhelming 🙂

BLR babies, don’t let enthusiasm turn to mere compliance. Believe me when I say, it is torture. Keep it burning, I really have no idea how, but I think positive mindset can really help.

Clingies, thank you for making me realize that being clingy doesn’t hurt. Thank you for being my constant companions in our pursuit of self-fulfillment! I hope we won’t have to go from seeing each other almost everyday to hoping to see each other again someday. Being the kaladkarin that I am, know that I’m just one underpass away.

I hate saying goodbye to people I’ve been used to having around cuz I have this belief that when people leave, they never really come back, even when they do, physically. People will continually change and the fact that you are not there to personally observe the other person grow into a, maybe, more mature individual, somehow feels like losing them bit by bit.

SGV will always be my first love, I met so many interesting people and gained friends in a short time. I learned a lot of things that leaving feels like graduating from a university, but in my case, it was just a short course. How much weight I’ve gained I’ve changed, I owe a great portion of the kind of person I have become today to all of you whom I spent most of my time with.

Thank you, everyone! I will try my best to stay as awesome as I am (chos!) Thank you for being my busmates in this kaleidoscopic ride called SGV life. It wouldn’t have been an awesome journey if it were not you I was with (using past tense is a little sad huhuhu). Always take care of yourself for the benefit of your future self.

*ends letter before I die of dehydration or by drowning from my own tears*

AJA – now signing off.

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