40 things you do not need to know about me but I am still telling you.

1. I stand 4’11.5.. (don’t forget the .5)

2. I’m a klutz! I don’t intend to destroy stuff but some things are just beyond my control

3. I am allergic to sea foods, dried fish, fish paste, chicken & egg but I don’t care.

4. The first time I heard about accountancy was when I was filing up my UPCAT application form. I had no idea what was it back then but I was young, naive and mukhang-pera, so there!

5. I am extremely harsh to people I am comfortable with, but extremely shy to the rest of the world

6. My first camera was a Barbie Toy Camera which I busted 1 month after my mom gave it to me 😦 it was a gift for my 11th Birthday

7. I love weird earrings and cute pens!

8. I took karate lessons when I was in grade 5, It was my childhood dream to become a black-belter and I gave up my ballet-jazz lessons for it

9. I wish I were a boy. I really think my life would have been more awesome if I were one!

10. I love reading books.

11. I have a really bad memory especially when it comes to formulas, directions and people’s names.

12. I have no sense of direction and distance.

13. I was a metal mouth for 3 years (may 2008- april 2011). I was in kindergarten when the dentist advised me to wear braces because of my bite.

14. I have never been in a relationship and I can’t imagine myself being in one

15. I have weak toe nails. They look anorexic if I leave polish for more than two days.

16. I’m addicted to the smell of freshly cut grass, newly bought textiles and books

17. I was in 4th year high school wen I realized I have an abnormal eye color that is maroon(ish).

18. My HS classmates believed I was cursed to be the first in our batch to get pregnant and not finish college.

19. I’m a sucker for romantic-comedy films and TV series be it asian or western. I can spend the whole day watching them (and some comfort room breaks of course).

20. I’m half Ilongga and half Ilocana. I was born in Iloilo, grew up in Nueva Ecija, went back to Iloilo for college and I’m currently residing in Metro Manila. I always wish to grow old in Iloilo City or in Davao maily because durian is my favorite fruit. I just love the laidback life these cities bring.

21. I can understand and speak Bisaya more than Ilocano.

22. I am very kaladkarin. I try my best to make myself available and I don’t make papilit when my friends ask me out.

23. I have stage fright. I hate speaking in public. I would stutter then freeze and maybe die.

24. My obnoxious, grade-conscious and self-centered self died after HS.

25. I am redundant. I can tell a story for n times to the same persons

26. I recently vowed to stay away from coffee.

27. I hate the heat of the sun.

28. I feel at home with people calling me “tonette”

29. I get attached to someone or something so easily.

30. I am a licensed driver but I’m afraid to drive around town especially if I have passengers

31. I have high alcohol tolerance. I drink anything except beer and I don’t get hangovers the morning after. So far, my highest record of tequila shots is 11, I can still walk after, naubos lang talaga.

32. I’m not a morning person. I’m more productive and hyper active at night (10pm onwards). I am having a hard time trying to keep myself vertical in the morning.

33. I can finish my bath in 5 minutes!  I consider that a talent which I developed over the years since i am always late.

34. I’m talentless but I can fire a gun and oh, I can cover my books outstandingly 🙂

35. My dream car is a mini cooper, probably the smallest model by the time I’d be able to afford one.

36. I am more of a computer person than a TV person.

37. I haven’t experienced a legit job interview until my second (and hopefully, my last) job.

38. I have an undying love affair with travelling. I want to see the whole Philippines! I am a B- traveller according to Lakbayan.

39. Majority of my playlist is from the years I haven’t born yet. But classic sounding songs make their way to my playlist, too!

40. I don’t consider myself a photographer, i am just a photography enthusiast.

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