To celebrate the (almost) end of our busy season…

…the gang drove all the way to Tagaytay!

As one of our impulsive quests for self-fulfillment, THE Batch Clingy decided to have the post-busy season dinner in Tagaytay. We, totally, had no idea if there will be a restaurant that will willingly accept us when we get there, but we went there anyway.

So google brought us in the very photogenic and homy PAMANA RESTAURANT. Click it for more visual feast of the place.


We were the last customers so we had the place all to ourselves! While waiting for our orders, we toured the place and we can’t help but took pictures in every corner:


This spot was supposedly over-looking Taal, too bad for our Tagaytay-virgin batchmate, Mark, it was too dark already.



And finally, our freshly cooked meals arrived:



Three way Adobo:


Pinaputok na Tilapia:


And the ever famous BULALO!

DSC_0527 DSC_0534

The foods were priced just right, we were just too broke to order more. haha Everything tasted really good! especially the Three Way Adobo.

Meet the gang who just got out of the busy season alive:


And Mark so happy with the food even though he didn’t get to see the smallest(?) volcano.


I’m surely gonna bring my folks here! We’ve been passing by this restaurant but we judged it to be very expensive haha but look at how cute the bill was presented:


Yeah! This was our way of ending our 2nd (and for me, my last) busy season! April 15 will not be as special as it was next year. Sama parin ako sa celebration!!! haha

P.S. We were able to squeeze 6 full-grown adults in Jica’s Vios!


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