The Unplanned Pictorial in La Paz

Just before I went back to Manila after my fieldwork in Ilocos last December, an Ilocana groupmate in one of the trainings I had in SGV was home for the Christmas and kidnapped me at the Client’s office while waiting for my flight back to Manila.

“Tonette, san ka? mag sand dunes tayo sa La Paz! sunduin ka namin!”

Who am I to refuse?? I was already feeling sad because for 3 weeks that i was in Laoag, I didn’t get to experience nor see the sand dunes due to time (and budget) constraint/s. So off we went to La Paz and because I was so thankful for the free 4×4 experience, I agreed to take their photos since they were still dressed up from the wedding haha Luckily, La Paz was very photogenic and everything happened candidly for less than 30 min

DSC_0142 DSC_0144 DSC_0172 DSC_0162


It still looked awesome even in black and white! woaah!




and we had no idea who those guys from the blue truck were but thanks for making this shot better


DSC_0180 DSC_0178

I will try sandboarding next time cuz I still have to catch my flight! haha


And here’s my unprepared self!!!! The best things in life are unplanned and are free!!! Till next time, La Paz!!! Thanks, Justo cousins!

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