#SinoNagenjoy #SiTonette

[after over a year of accumulating cyberdust, i’m back in the blogosphere!!! Let’s pretend I am writing this right after the #SinoPinas365 event held 2,922 meters above sea level and not two months after]

Around this time last year, an advocacy so close to my heart was conceived by 4 intelligent life-forms, popularly known by the instagram handles @litratonijuan(Alexis Lim), @larkvain(Karl Presentacion), @mvltiple(John Austria) and @rayniyel(Raniel Hernandez) (back then, I was only following litratonijuan and larkvain) thus, only around this time last year that I gave in to using community hashtags. Real talk.

The idea of IG communities (hubs? However they call it) doesn’t appeal to me because I, myself, isn’t serious about “gramming”, I just think it’s cute to compile in squares the beauty (which most of the time, I fail to capture) my two natural lenses can see.

#SinoPinas has become an exemption for I adore the idea of personifying the places to collectively introduce the beauty that is Philippines, because each place has a personality of its own. My nationalistic self loves how organic their cause is because it aims to showcase the unpretentious magnificence of each featured place.

Fast forward to 365 days after, the #SiPulag instameet has been passing by my IG feed. It coincided with my birthday week and my plan to spend it in Buscalan Village, thus, I signed up because I also wanted to finally witness the so called sea of clouds minus the hassle of organizing a trek.

With my limited capacity, allow me to share the only photos I managed to salvage from the 37 photos I originally took. Everything was blurry and/or uncreatively out of focus because yudip*ta, it was freezing cold up there and manual focus was a jealous b*tch!

A timeless Cordilleran Beauty
Exploring Rangers’ Camp



Probably the thickest Sea of Clouds we saw






I didn’t get to witness the sea of clouds, but oh, I made new friends! Being the socially awkward and selectively social that I am (or was), leaving Cordillera with these new people in my life with varied personalities came as a surprise. Perhaps, this is the trade off my economics professor was talking about. No sea of clouds but it felt like I brought home a new set of crazier cousins with me.

Thanks to John for inviting me to the crew’s after party in Baguio and I am more than happy to welcome these new characters in my life.

Two months after, I still don’t know why how I opened myself up to these people and it scares me that they are already a consideration to my future travel plans. I was wrong to think that this was going to be just like my first instameet, #SiCorregidor, where making friends wasn’t obligatory and that I can still be faithful with my solo weeklong birthday celebration. Indeed, I was wrong.

Mountains really bring people together noh? Happy Anniversary to my fellow November baby, #SinoPinas!!! Here’s to more 365s with you!

P.S. Special thanks to my friend for lending me her sleeping bag because a single, childless virgin can’t die of hypothermia.

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