Memoirs of My Childhood…

I spent most of my life in Iloilo but only 25 years after did I visit the not so hidden paradise in the northern tip of the province. Yes, and my hometown is just 20 minutes away from the jump off port in Estancia. How dare me? I know!

Back when I was a kid, the only thing I heard about Islas de Gigantes were folklores that there’s an unknown force taking tourists’ lives away and the like so it never appealed to me to go there (chos lang. excuses)

Before I head to Dinagyang last week, I went on a sidetrip to Gigantes with no one but my trusty camera phone because my camera’s battery charger was not responsible enough  to get inside my bag. Boo.

I was torn between going on backpacking and booking a joiner’s tour here, the latter prevailed and it was the best decision I made. I was spoiled like a royal. From the foods they served to taking care of my comfort.

They fetched me at the Estancia Port for the 2 hr boat ride. I was expecting harsh waves but thankfully, the weather was very cooperative all throughout my stay.

Upon arriving at the resort, I had my late lunch which I didn’t get to snap a photo of cuz the grilled squid and fish were so inviting and c’mon, live in the moment! Chos.

Set my hammock while waiting for the sun to set, believe me, the time there was really slow.

I always know that sunsets in Panay Islands are spectacular but I didn’t know it was like this!!!


Then dinner is served! oh they are looking at me but sorry, i have no mercy!


Slept a little early than I used to at my mini hut! I am loving this life!


The morning after was Island Hopping day, while waiting for the group, I was playing with the island kids.


sabi ko wag na sila pumasok, samahan nalang nila ako, ok naman daw. haha




Cabugao Gamay Island, oh and our tour guide’s family owns this island!! A foreigner wanted to buy this for 200 million (tatapatan ko sana, wala lang ATM sa isla)!! They refused the offer! Kudos!!!


This is Gigantes’ version of Sand Bar and we were able to buy scallops here for 1 peso per shell! Piso, ladies and gentlemen!!! PISO!!!


How about a round of applause…. SANDing ovation… Wooooaah yeah!!!


Cabugao Dako Island. Cabugao is pomelo in hiligaynun. I don’t get why, though. I didn’t see any pomelo there nor does the island resemble a shape of one.


And I gave in to the temptation of dipping in the water here… Puting Baybay Gamay!!!


And there’s an island named after me where you can go snorkeling!!! I always know my real parents are millionaires and that they lost me on our way back to the island.



pa-moment din po sa isla ko.

went back to the resort for our scallops and chicken binakol!!! waaah!



Headed to Gigantes North after lunch to visit the Century Old Church ruins.

climbed the almost hundred steps lighthouse!!

i’m entitled to one selfie a day, please! “Tonette, acrophobic ka ba?” akala ko pick-up line, “Hindi po, takot lang akong ma-fall. chos!”



This kid is so pretty!

Because of my natural inclination to stay away from people, our tour group agreed to just visit this place in the afternoon when the crowd is less. I can’t stress enough how happy we were when found no boat parked outside Tanke but.. yeah.. it’s low tide. kaya pala walang tao. haha


ok, kayo na may kasama. chos haha


on a different note, i’m thankful we went here late and during the low tide. I love how enigmatic this photo turned out!!

They went on cliff-diving but I wasn’t emotionally prepared so I refused and we went back to Cabugao Gamay to catch the sunset


eh bakit ba? haha
set my hammock up while waiting for the sun to set. ugh. sarap!


[will update here when I figure out how to post the time lapse of the sunset]

And these for our dinner!!! why do you spoil us so much?????

you don’t just judge a person by number of scallops and lampirong he ate!!!
when you have scallops, squid and fish for pulutan. ang burgis po!

on my last day in the island,


Thank you for taking care me and for the royal treatment, nanay 🙂

I’m definitely coming back! On March, maybe?? Imma bring my resume cuz I’m serious about my job application to whatever job vacancy you have!!! Talaba at scallops lang masaya na po ako! promise!

Some cheap finds in the Estancia Market! 10 pesos per kilo watermelons (bat di nyo nalang pinamigay) and dried fish in all form!!!

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