“We Can Never Can Tell”

Our supposed intimate birthday getaway in Pinatubo with few friends turned into an anniversary instameet of an Instagram community so dear to me that I gave in. The Universe did not stop its surprises there, we were expecting a hot and dusty trek but  we were welcomed with a gloomy weather and rain started pouring as soon as we started the trek.


It amazes me how some things turn out different from how I expect (or want) them to. It’s funny but for most part, it’s hard, painful even.

The world does not stop us to plan, to predict, to speculate, but we really can never can tell cuz otherwise, where’s the fun in that? But don’t you sometimes wish you know what’s next for you in this life, well, in general?

Where are these days or weeks of desolation leading me to? Where are my misadventures leading me to?

No, I do not want to impatiently fast-forward right to the end of my life, I just want to know if after all these struggles and drama, my friends are right when they tell me everything is going to be OK.

I just want to know if these struggles are heading to a life of sugar, spice and everything nice but what if it is not? what if it is an endless pit of struggle?

I don’t normally question life and doubt its purpose, but I can really use a little bit of assurance.

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