then there’s me photobombing the view(c) Karl Ivan Presentacion (@larkvain)

I booked a flight to Batanes for my 26th birthday hoping (and praying) for a sunny weather however, right after the plane landed in Basco, it literally rained on our parade.

typical stopover on our way to Racuh a Payaman

We waited for the weather to improve even just a bit so we can start touring the island around but it just worsen towards the afternoon that we decided to just have it the next day.

The rain stopped but weather in Batanes is more bipolar than I currently am, we had no choice but to push through with the tour. It got me thinking, having no choice can also be a meaningful experience, you make do with what you have, you get to test yourself how far can your patience go, how far can you push yourself to adjust on things you have no control over.


Maybe, it’s the lack of life choices that make us a better person. Being stuck with only one option, we are left with no choice but to make it work and consequently, we strive to be better for whatever we do or wherever we are at.


Having more than one choice in life, we have the propensity to quit our current situation so easily and we tend to move on to what we think as the next best thing and not care whether or not we have the capacity to make that current situation work.

(c) Karl Ivan Presentacion (@larkvain)


Having more than one choice in life, we welcome opportunities for comparison. We will always wonder if there are far better things instore for us instead of working hard to make the best and probably neglecting the possibility that we may actually have the best already.

Then perhaps, choices are just fallbacks. It is easier to give up, to quit, or even to not try hard, when we know you have another choice that will conveniently catch you anytime, most of the time, everytime.

(c) Kuya Nelson, pinilit nya ko magpapicture nyan! ayoko talaga, pramis!

Perhaps, contentment is inversely proportional to how much choices we have. The more choices we have, the harder it is for us to be contented and well, happy.

A week late, but it was such a heavenly way to start the second quarter of my century-long life, I didn’t have to frequently check my social media accounts and see media screw up friendships nor friends getting married and living the life they wished for, and with the sound of the wind and of the beach waves, I couldn’t hear my lamentations over my own self-worth crisis.

Dios Mamajes, Batanes.


You are more than just a crossed-out item in my bucketlist, you are a fairytale came to life!

[Batanes photoset 1/2]


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